A Perfect Day Island Hopping in The Cyclades

Pristine golden-sanded beaches, crystal clear cerulean waters and a dreamy Cycladic atmosphere, Mykonos’s sister islands may only lie a few sea miles away, however, each of them offers an entirely different experience than their bustling, cosmopolitan sister. If you wish to discover a few Cycladic gems in style and luxury, why not hop on a yacht? Our knowledgeable team will make all the necessary arrangements so that you will sail across the Aegean in absolute comfort, and enjoy a perfect day of island-hopping in the Cyclades. Let’s take a look at a few islets and islands that you should include in your voyage!
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The birthplace of the divine twins Apollon and Artemis, Delos is a small uninhabited island housing one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, brimming with impressive findings on every turn. It is best to visit Delos with a professional guide who will recount the interesting history of this precious and sacred island! 


Tinos is the ‘immaculate one’ of the Cyclades — it is a famous religious destination among the Greeks, but few know that it is a perfect destination for leisure holidays too. Charming traditional villages with the typical Cycladic white-washed houses, pristine landscapes and serene beaches lapped by the crystalline waters of the Aegean, make this destination an oasis of calm.


If you love Mykonos' hip social life, then you will love Ios’ more youthful version of it. A gorgeous island that young people prefer among the Cyclades, Ios is a vibrant place filled with beach bars and clubs, justifying its fame as one big colorful party scene. Apart from this, Ios is blessed with natural beauty and golden-sand beaches that will take your breath away!


The verdant island of Naxos, lying in the heart of the Cyclades, has a lot to offer to its visitors; from amazing archaeological sites and quaint villages to exotic beaches and lush valleys. Naxos is the largest one in the Cyclades and a family-friendly destination, although couples and groups of friends choose this island for their holidays as well.


Syros is a pleasant surprise for every island-hopper that has known a few Cycladic islands, dominantly flaunting its Venetian architecture even from afar. Picturesque Ermoupolis, the main town and harbor of the island, enamors the coming visitors as they marvel at its Venetian beauty from the deck of the ship. 

Hop on, and have fun!
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