Why visit Mykonos in spring

The island of Mykonos is a magnificent destination to visit all year round. If you want to visit the Cycladic gem but you don’t like to rub shoulders with the other holidaymakers, then you should consider going there during spring months.

In this time of year you ‘ll find most of the cafes and bars open. There you can enjoy all the music you like, fine tipples and personalized service, as they won’t be packed at all. The same goes for the restaurants. You ‘ll find many of them operating, serving locally sourced seafood. This would be the right time to chat with the locals and tell you all about the island. The residents are famous for their hospitality and always eager to make new friends.
Some of the vibrant beach bars will be open and some of them not. The good thing is that you can lounge in one of the beach bars’ sunbeds without having to wait for endless hours. The shore will be all yours to enjoy tranquil moments. At the waterfront, many water-sport activities will take place and the blue playground should be empty to host your fun-packed day.

The quaint alley of Chora will lack its numerous visitors, thus giving the few lucky ones the chance to take unobstructed photos of the outstanding setting. So if you want a cosmopolitan refuge all by yourself, visiting Mykonos in Spring will be a rewarding experience.
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