A Day-trip to the Island of Delos

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The cradle of god Apollo and goddess Artemis is full of archaeological treasures, set among a stunning island -that’s the reason why it’s uninhabited.  Delos is an open-air museum that strikes the visitor for the very beginning. Exuding rich history and charm, it entices visitors with an astonishing array of sites. In the past, the island was a prestigious commercial and religious destination for all ancient Greeks. Due to its sacredness, no one was allowed to born or die there. Now it is home to landmarks from the Archaic, the Classical, and the Hellenistic periods. 

The Theater was used to host 5.000 spectators and it was built to resist earthquakes.  While strolling around you should also search for the House of Naxians that mustn't escape your attention. The ruins feature impressive mosaics and unique surroundings. In the foothills of Mt. Kynthos lies the temple of Isis. It houses the statue of Isis which was believed to be sailors protector. The temple of Artemis, as well as the House of Dionysos, will enthrall your senses. 

The island was announced a World Heritage Site and is protected by UNESCO. You can take a taxi-boat from Mykonos and go there in just twenty minutes!
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