Top things to do while in Mykonos

Mykonos is a manifold destination where all the magic takes place. From party enthusiasts and beach lovers to shopping aficionados, the island allures the visitors to its whimsical ambiance. 

First thing first: the beaches. The outstanding shore of the island is dotted with spectacular beaches that encompass the eternal Cycladic charm.  Super Paradise, Elia, Lia and Paradise are among the island's most popular beaches. They feature amenities such as beach bars and sunbeds where you can relish a refreshing cocktail. Water sports facilities are also available such as scuba diving, jet-skiing and others. This is the reason why these beaches are usually crowded.
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Sunset can’t escape your bucket list during your stay in Mykonos. The celestial wonders offer quite a spectacle that unfolds every day anew. Maybe the best place to enjoy it is the Little Venice, situated in Chora. This quaint neighborhood is a tangle of exquisite images, showcased in buildings' remarkable facades. 

Live the nightlife to the fullest in Mykonos intriguing bars and clubs. Beach bars feature world-renowned DJs spinning their tunes against the exquisite backdrop of the Aegean sea. A haven for the party goers, Chora provides visitors with a broad range of nightclubs, to take in Mykonos fuss.

A day-trip to Delos will be the most rewarding experience of your visit to Mykonos. The sacred island features astonishing archaeological exhibits and a remarkable museum that houses unearthed treasures. 

While in Mykonos there are countless options to keep you amused. Find out more with a stay at our premises!
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