Mykonos cultural landmarks

Mykonos is mostly famous for its splendid beaches, the spectacular Cycladic architecture and the ever-sparkling Aegean sea. The celestial feasts that found every evening anew as the sun dives in the water realm’s majesty allure visitors to a unique melange of tranquil images. The wild nightlife and island's cosmopolitan character constitute the ideal playground for those who seek intense moments of fun. But Mykonos is more than that, in fact, is all the aforementioned and beyond. The cultural landmarks and the archaeological treasures yearn for visitors attention as their incomparable importance gives a deep insight into Cycladic civilization.
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The Archaeological Museum shouldn’t escape your bucket-list. It showcases pieces of jewelry made from precious metals, religious artifacts and household items. The museum is also a home to many exhibits that have been unearthed from other neighboring islands. 

Little Venice is the most tranquil corner of Chora. Old mansions were built by wealthy merchants to have direct access to the sea, as they transferred precious artifacts from their houses to the sea and vice versa. In that end the edifices overhung the sea while the colorful balconies and the wooden stairs offer a quaint amalgam of architectural masterpieces. Many of these buildings have been renovated to house cafes and bars, opening out to exquisite views to the sea. 

Established in 1580, the Monastery of the Panagia Tourliani is a landmark edifice that brims with beauty as it’s adorned with vermilion cupolas and elegant turrets. The Aegean Maritime Museum is also an excellent destination for the history aficionados. The museum plays host to many antique artifacts, see maps, document, engravings and an extensive collection of coins.

Mykonos treasure is inestimable, they just waiting for the visitors to explore them!
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